Xiaomi-Redmi Note3


Xiaomi Redmi Note3



【Please Note】

At the first beginning,the battery will drain quickly,this issue is caused due to the li-ion of a new battery is unstable, it will become normal after long-term use. 

To use the battery longer, please use up all the energy of battery until your phone shuts down automatically, then charge it for up to 10 hours, repeat this 3-5 times, thus the battery can be reached the optimum effect of using. 

Please use the original charger or use big current charger to charge the battery.

FAQ after installing:

Q1. Why battery can not be installed?

A: You might purchased the wrong battery or got the wrong one.

Q2. Why my phone can not turn on after Installed?

A: The cable does not connect well or the battery is power off. Please re-install all cables and charge the battery then try again.

Q3. Why my phone keep rebooting or blinking apple logo after Installed?

A: The ribbon cable does not connect well, please re-install the cable then try again.

Q4. Why my phone dead after using 3-4 days? Why my phone can not charge full to 100 percent or don't hold a charge?

A:The ribbon cable was broken and need to be replace.

Q5. Why battery capacity loss seriously after few days used?

A: ALL third-party APP of capacity testing are only shows a vague result for reference and have no authority, 

please take practicality as standard.


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China factory wholesale long lifespan Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 battery
Battery original modol
Rated capacity
Typical capacity
Battery Type
Internal Replacement Battery
Phone Battery Cells
 Li-Polyme Battery
Limited charge voltage
Rated voltage
PCB Type
Double IC
Cycle Life
Working Temperature
Minus 15 to 50 degrees C
Quality Gurantee
Be checked 1 by 1 before shipment
Payment term
Paypal, TT
1. Double protection IC with NTC PCB offer overcharge, over-discharging, over-current and short circuit protection
2. Satety and stable, Hi-tech lithium battery, undergoes drop test, smash test and puncture test to ensure ,no fire and explosion in breaking.
3. Grade A battery cell,high energy environmental protection, durable energy conservation, long stanby time and long talking time.
4. Full compliance with environmental requirements.
5. The battery shell is firm and durable.
6. High energy density cell phone battery.
7. High voltage cell phone battery.
8. Pollution-free cell phone battery.
9. No memory effect cell phone battery.
10. Long cycle life cll phone battery.
11. Fast charge cell phone battery.
Why We Can Help You
1、Automatic production lines with excellent crafts.
2、Fast lead time with sufficient battery cell stock.
3、Stable price without change time to time.
4、Less than 0.1% failure rate.
5、CE/ROHS/FCC/IEC621 33/MSDS/UN38.3 certification with 12months warranty.
6、Small MOQ to test the quality before big order.
7、OEM&ODM design projects or Retail&Wholesale.
8、absolutely 100% Cobalt without any Ternary lithium material.